Fortune favors the organized.

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Project Management

When the going gets tough, the tough make project plans.

Ideas are easy. Bringing them to life is hard. It takes planning, strategy, countless hours, a committed team and above all else — a great f’g project manager. 

When you work with Nebo, you won’t just get an innovative marketing campaign or a sleek new digital experience — you’ll get a dedicated project manager as your direct point of contact. Our project managers keep your project on track, work with you to monitor your KPIs and goals, and are master communicators, keeping you informed along every step of the way.

Yes, they are organized and just happen to keep spreadsheets for everything (even their Netflix watch list). But our project managers aren’t your average PM. They’re much more than glorified task masters. They're multi-talented marketers with a wealth of know-how and experience.

Our project managers are your partners and an extension of your own digital and marketing teams. When you need something, they’re who you call. They're half manager, half strategist, and half kickass master of getting-stuff-done. That’s right — they are 150 percent, and they’ll have your back from start to finish.